Curaçao: sun, sea and paradise

Curaçao is well known for its sun, sea and beaches, but offers much more than this; including an interesting history and culture, and the beautiful nature reserve. In short, a perfect place for both relaxed and active holidays.

Curaçao has many different landscapes. On the south coast you find small bays with clean beaches. The islands hills offer good nature walking trails. The north coast is rough with a desert landscape and a rocky coast with crashing waves of the Caribbean.

Do you like action? Curaçao is one of the best locations for diving and snorkeling. The underwater world contains the most beautiful corals and a largest diversity of tropical fish in the Carribean. The water is clear, warm and clean. If you want to learn to dive, there are many good diving schools. And of course you can enjoy almost all water sports. Curaçao is also becoming increasingly popular as a biking paradise.

The people on Curaçao speak many languages. Almost everyone speaks English. Several airlines offer flights to Curacao.

Typically you do not need vaccinations to visit Curaçao. There are no dangerous tropical diseases that require preventative measures.

Curaçao offers lots of culture. One of the most surprising attractions is the architecture. Nowhere in the world you will find so many beautiful 17th and 18th century colonial buildings. In Willemstad alone there are 750 historical buildings that deserve to be named ‘monument‘. All over the island you will come across colonial landhouses.

A perfect way to discover Curaçao is via one of the many excursions on offer. There are boat trips, adventurous sailing and snorkeling tours, horse riding tours and, of course, diving excursions. The water is incredibly clear and clean. The temperature is pleasant 365 days per year.

The Christoffel park offers unique flora and fauna. You can visit the park by car, bike or horse. Climbing Christoffel mountain is a must have experience, as well as a visit to the Hato caves.

For golf lovers there are 3 golf courses. On Blue Bay and Sta Barbara you will find 2 challenging 18 holes golf. In Emmastad you will find a 3rd golf course. No one should be bored on Curaçao. The nightlife consists of casinos, small cafés, numerous restaurants and discos. The Curaçao kitchen is as varied as the people.

You can visit Curaçao all year round. The difference between summer and winter is minimal. The average temperature is 29 degrees Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit). The constant cooling Passat wind results in a pleasant climate. In the rainy season (normally from October to January), rains are short and heavy.